2021 Rookie WR top 10

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

My process:

I don't have a huge analytical database like Peter Howard, Drew Osinchuck, and others, or an extensive film background/football experience like Ray Garvin, Matt Waldman, and others. I like to see what they have to say because they did not get to where they are by luck, but I will also have my own opinion. I don't just copy and paste. I might use the same argument or stat that someone else uses because I think it is a good argument or stat, but I will not just copy and paste and peddle it as my own content.

WR1 Jamarr Chase 6' 208 lbs:

Chase is head and shoulders over everyone else in this class for several reasons. On film he looks great (besides some minor struggles), he is an early declare, he has a young BOA (breakout age), and a great dominator rating. There are basically no holes in his game as a prospect. Does that mean he'll be the best of the bunch and that he has a 0% bust chance? No, but it does mean he has the best chance to be the best. My one worry with Chase, is was his output partly because of the team around him? I don't believe it was, but he has shown some minor issues on film vs good SEC corners. Many people will say, "look at how good Jefferson has been, and Chase had better stats in college so just imagine what Chase will do in the NFL". Considering how good JJ has been, what if Chase did what he did sort of because of JJ and not maybe the other way around?

WR2 Rashod Bateman 6'2" 210 lbs:

Bateman is another guy that I really like a lot more than most people. 27.9% Freshman year dominator that he only improved on going into his Sophomore year. He didn't play all of 2020 but his stats were pretty good all things considered. He looks good on film and I have seen comparisons to guys like Davantae Adams and Justin Jefferson. I personally don't have too much to say on Bateman, but people I trust say he is one of the best prospects this year and it's not like I have seen anything that makes question his standing among the elite.

WR3 Rondale Moore 5'9" 181 lbs:

One of two Moore's to be in my top 10, Rondale is an explosive athlete that has all the analytical measures going for him. He broke out as a Freshman, he is an early declare, and he is anticipated to be a high draft pick. His size might be a slight issue, but it doesn't seem to cause him any difficulties on film as he breaks and evades tackles with surprising ease. I know that guys like Moore always get compared to Tyreek Hill, but what most of those comparisons miss is that Hill was an RB coming out of college so was much more proven in space as a YAC guy than players like Marquise Brown and Henry Ruggs. I mention all that to basically say that Moore is much closer to Tyreek than those guys because of how well he performs once he gets the ball in his hands.

WR4 Jaylen Waddle 5'10" 182 lbs:

I personally believe that Waddle is the best out of all of the Bama WR's from the last couple of years. You might wonder why I have him over the "other guy" from Bama who just won the Heisman. Did you know that before Waddle got injured he had the same number of TDs and more receiving yards than Smith. Waddle is also a much more explosive athlete and while he is not a big WR he doesn't have the same size concerns as Smith. Smith's positives are better than Waddle's, but Waddle doesn't have as many question marks as Smith IMO.

WR5 Devonta Smith 6'1" 174 lbs:

First Heisman winning WR since Desmond Howard, film darling, and analytical fade. His stats are pretty amazing this year and they weren't terrible last year either, but those years were his Junior and Senior seasons so his break out age isn't great. He also isn't an early declare and has a low BMI. One thing to bear in mind with Smith as well, is that some players are more landing spot dependent because they have a limited skill set. Smith does not have the pure physical ability to play all of the WR positions so where he lands is more important than it may be to some other players. Here is a great link to a comment by u/coopthereitis on reddit explaining this.

WR6 Elijah Moore 5'9" 185 lbs:

He had a dominator of 45.5% as a Sophomore!!!!! He is a slightly lesser version of the other Moore IMO. He's a tad slower, broke out a bit later, and doesn't look as good on film. I think that if you are high on Rondale Moore you should have Elijah Moore pretty high as well.

WR7 Kadarius Toney 5'11" 189 lbs:

Full disclosure I am a UF alumni and fan. I'd like to think that I am still pretty unbiased in my evaluations though. Toney had I believe the highest number of broken tackles at WR and he also had the 3rd lowest drop rate among WRs with at least 70 targets. His YAC ability is second to none and he has significantly improved as a route runner since his switch from dual threat QB to full time WR after his Sophomore year.

WR8 Tylan Wallace

Love this guy, I wouldn't put up to much of a fight if you wanted to have him as high as WR6 in this class. He is another Senior guy like Smith, so that knocks him down a bit, but he did breakout at an earlier age than Smith.

WR9 Terrance Marhsall Jr.

WR10 Amon Ra St. Brown

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